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Formal Sector Employment

Kenya Vision 2030 (click here)

In the blueprint of the Kenya Vision 2030 the Economic Pillar is driven by:

  • Manufacturing Sector.
  • Agriculture (Agribusiness).
  • Distribution Chain Management - Logistics.
  • Wholesale and Retail trade.
  • Tourism with a target of 5 million visitors per year by 2030 (short term is to grow it by 3 million within the next 5 years).
  • Opportunities in ICT, Science and Technology.
  • Financial Services. (Banking, Insurance, Micro Finance, Venture Capital|)
  • Infrastructure Development.
  • Oil, Gas and Mining.

The other pillars of Social, Political and Macro Enablers will help to create the necessary environment to support the business growth and industrial development in the country. Kaziconnect is working towards putting dignity to work. People must embrace the blue collar jobs because white collar jobs are scarce and far in-between. The time for people to learn to employ themselves has come.

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