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Africa Integrate

This is an initiative by kaziconnect working closely with Regional Bodies and the African Union to help advocate and push for:-

  • Opening up of common borders for trade.
  • Speeding up processes of trade agreements.
  • Joint development of infrastructure to ease cross border trade i.e;
  1. Road network.
  2. Rail network.
  3. Air Travel.
  4. Water Ways.

Visit the Africa Integrate forum at http://www.kaziconnect.co.ke/forum
China is projected to be the next Economic Super Power in the next 10 years. Africa can be the next Economic Frontier after China in the 22nd century provided that Africa starts doing things right. The African people and their leadership MUST change their mindset, believe in themselves, open up their borders for trade and develop infrastructure to facilitate cross border movement of goods, services and its people, as African countries strive to integrate their economies into one giant continental economy.


Road map to African Economic Prosperity
The time for Africa will come when they change their mindset and believe in themselves.The Africans must sharpen their skills through Science and Technology and adopt modern concepts of Industrialization. African countries must start trading with each other and consider the markets next door to them rather than scrambling for limited foreign markets.

The best example is the trade between Kenya and Uganda where 48% of Kenya exports go to Uganda. The other important trading blocs in Africa are:

  • EAC (East African Community)
  • COMESA (Common Markets for Eastern and Southern Africa)
  • (ECCAS/CEEAC) Economic Community of Central African States
  • ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States)
  • SADC (Southern African Development Community)
  • AMU (Arab Maghreb Union)

The President of Kenya says integration is key to Africa's economic prosperity


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